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I did work on the challenge.  I do not have a white reinker, so I smooshed my white pigment ink pad onto my craft mat and picked up the ink with a waterbrush.  It was a little uneven looking, but that didn't bother me because I knew I was going to go the second step and add marker.  So I did that and blended it out.  It was a little hard to blend.  I am not sure if that was normal or if I did something wrong.

After letting it dry overnight, I saw that my paper had pilled a little.  I think this was because I was really trying to blend the marker.  However, it was no big deal since I could just brush it off and the panel still looked fine.

I still need to make this into a card and then I will share it.
hope you get the chance to play with it, I would love to give the second one a try, I am back at the hotel from being at my Father in law's funeral today, we decided after a full day of talking with people yesterday at the visitation and then today at the funeral that after instead of going back to the house we would come to the hotel and just have some down time, the actual burial is tomorrow morning because his sister didn't want to pay the extra to have him buried on a Sunday. We are heading back home on Tuesday so maybe Wednesday I can have some time to play
I am starting to work on this today!
Stamping Challenges / Re: Christmas All Year 2017 - April
« Last post by howdyheidi on April 21, 2017, 10:42:58 AM »
I have gotten that message many times.  Just get out and try again.

Here is my attempt to do the challenge using and outline stamp set, this worked pretty good for me and didn't see a lot of harm done to my markers.

this second one I did I stamped the Inkadinkado stamps all around my paper and then embossed, as you can see I missed a few places and I tried to add extra with my marker, didn't work out too gooe, I didn't like the shading at all and I either didn't get it embossed well or something cause it all started flaking apart and onto my marker, this one will get thrown away.

Ok well I tried the technique out, I used some old markers I had and the first one I did was an outline and it seemed to do ok on that but when I tried it with a more solid background it seemed to start messing with my markers, especially on a bit that I must not have embossed well enough, so I am going to try to find another challenge and then you can chose which one you would like to try, I just want to make sure no one is using their good markers on this technique, I would feel awful if anyone's nice markers are ruined

You got great results April, thanks for giving it a try, I just posted another challenge if you want to do two :)
I had fun with this. I have done this before but it has been a long time! My markers look white on the tip, but they seem to be okay.

Stamping Challenges / Re: Christmas All Year 2017 - April
« Last post by Iring on April 03, 2017, 03:41:11 PM »
April, you are so quick!

I really like your cards.  Nice variety too!  You always find the perfect little embellishments.

I have a stamp gear unopened on my desk ... I found one on clearance at Michael's.  You made such a cute frame for your snowman.  I'll have to get mine out!

Thanks for playing and getting our show on the road!
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