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Products and Tools / Re: Creativation 2018 (similar to the old CHA)
« Last post by howdyheidi on Today at 02:23:02 PM »
There was a Distress Resist spray that gave very cool results, however, you have to be really really really careful with it (spray only in box) and I wonder if that is practical.

I probably wonít buy the new colors of Distress Oxides.

There is a mini-stamping platform from Tonic.

Hero Arts new catalog is out and there are a few sets I am interested in. 

I havenít seen too much else yet. 
General Stamping Chat / Re: Stamping Shows
« Last post by Iring on Today at 12:53:31 PM »
Wow!  So many classes, and so many that look really good.  StampFest in FL has some classes but nowhere near as many, and not many that I'd like to take. 

I like to take classes or watch demos that teach me how to get more use out of supplies I already have.  The alcohol ink classes look good to me.

Also, some instructors are better than others.  I've taken from both Wendy Vecchi and Dyan Reaveley at a LSS.  I would recommend Wendy.  I got more tips and I actually hang the project we made on the door of my craft space.  I have to admit I was a little surprised at the price of Wendy and Dyan's classes even though they are a little longer.  I'm sure I paid at least that at the LSS though. 

I've heard good things about the Art Impressions classes though I haven't taken them.  I do like to watch the demos.

The last show I went to had some coupons that were only good until noon (Art Impressions, for one).  The line was a mile long.  By 1pm there was no line and I think because the line had been so long earlier they may have still been honoring the coupon.  I waited in line, but I won't do that again.

Have fun!  This looks like an excellent show!
Products and Tools / Creativation 2018 (similar to the old CHA)
« Last post by Far North on Yesterday at 07:18:36 PM »
Manufactures and designers are beginning to set up their booths and display their new products for 2018 at Creativation. Sneak peaks have been popping up on U-tube and various other locations.  I think a search on U-tube for
Creativation 2018 will give you a broad look at new products.

Tim has extremely long videos this year. I played them at top speed when they were super long.  He has many updated products.  At this point I have no plans to buy any new tools which have only changed colors.
General Stamping Chat / Re: Stamping Shows
« Last post by Yankee on Yesterday at 08:36:13 AM »
That is a nice amount of classes!  The stamp show that comes here has had classes sometimes, but there was like three classes offered.  I never took them.
Our show is two days, I always go for both.  Always very crowded at first (couple of hours).  My daughter goes with me, she is tall and can see over people and knows what I buy.  We walk to the very back of the hall and come forward, miss lots of crowd that way.  Still you end up waiting in lines for 45minutes to pay for items.
Second day never crowds, you get to talk to venders, there are several I know and like to visit with(like Judi from Judikins). No lines  to buy items, but they always run out of the must have new items.  Doesnít bother me, I figure if it isnít there you can get it on line if you have to have it. First day you canít get close to demos to see, the second day you can watch all you want and sometimes get to make some too!
I love the stamp show!
General Stamping Chat / Re: Stamping Shows
« Last post by stampwilly on January 19, 2018, 09:29:16 PM »
Oh my word, Jan! All of these classes look great! I love techniques so the new techniques and fold class looks good to  me. Art Impressions is always good. I have not taken a class but have seen their demos at shows and it is very helpful. The zip cards look interesting too.

I took classes last year at a show and had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Most classes will give you free stamps, dies or good coupons to use. I know you will have fun. I plan on going back to the same show I went to last year and take more classes.

April :smile:
Stamping Challenges / Re: January 2018 Use It or Loose It Challenge
« Last post by Yankee on January 19, 2018, 11:48:01 AM »

I made some valentines.  Used pp from valentine pack I bought years ago.  (Someday my grandkids will still be using my many many paper packs!). I die cut some burlap hearts.  Added bling and buttons.
Not what I normally make, but trying to use up stuff!
General Stamping Chat / Re: Stamping Shows
« Last post by howdyheidi on January 19, 2018, 07:36:47 AM »
Jan, how exciting!  I have never been to a stamp show.  The ones in PA are usually a couple hours away.  I truly wish I could come to this show!   I see Just for Fun will be there (April and I design for them, but I have never met the owners).  And another stamp company that I have been interested in, Blue Knight Rubber stamps.  They seems to have some lovely scene stamps.

As for classes, I would love to take the Art Impressions one. I have a small collection of their stamps and love the technique.

The way I would approach the numerous other ones is by taking one that is out of my comfort zone.  So probably I would look at one of the card fold classes since that is something I NEVER do.  The one adding texture to alcohol inks sound interesting too. 

But I can see why you are overwhelmed, there are so many!

General Stamping Chat / Stamping Shows
« Last post by Far North on January 19, 2018, 07:02:12 AM »
As many of you have shared the experience of attending  stamping shows I would wish that I could have the experience once again. Now I am excited to see that Akron will be hosting ďAdventures in StampingĒ once again in late April. I recall from my earlier experience I was totally overwhelmed by the number of stampers trying to buy from the vendors.   But my favorite part was taking a couple classes.

I donít remember AIís talking about attending classes. But there is a long list of classes and I need to make a decision soon of what to attend.  So I would appreciate it if you could share your experience or just let me know what would pique your interest.  And if anyone may possibly be in area and might attend please let me knowÖ.it would so much fun to meet-up in person!  Here is the link to the classes.
  O0 They are really cute!
General Stamping Chat / Re: Pantone Color of the Year 2018
« Last post by stampwilly on January 18, 2018, 09:35:08 AM »
Some of the snow has melted and a lot will because we are to get up in the mid 40s. Tonight the roads will freeze again. I guess the kids will be out of school again tomorrow or go later. I like the snow to come and go quickly! :smile:

I did not get to craft yesterday so I hope I can today. I have a card in mind to try.

Even though hubby came home early from the Alabama hunt, he still got 6 deer! :-\ So I AM glad he came back early, because we process the deer ourselves! No telling how many he would have gotten if he stayed longer! Hopefully he will be giving some of the meat to his subs and then we won't have to process so many.

Have a wonderful day!

April :smile:

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