It is the off season for Racing!  All the racers are either on vacation, spending time with family, or picking up races down south.  The year ended with Kevin Harvick winning the championship his first year with Stewart Haas racing.  Good job Kevin.  Dale Jr. ended a banner year in 8th place in the points, since it was his last year with the crew cheif he finally clicked with next year should be interesting.  He had 3 wins in 2014 which is really good but others had more points so 8th place is his top place for the year.

The headlines right now for Nascar read something to the effect of, "Nascar Sprint Cup Driver Kurt Busch accuses ex-girlfriend of being assassin."  This is going to be hard for Mr. Busch to live down when it is over.  The ex-girlfriend is suing for a restraining order against Mr. Busch and he said this on the witness stand......LOL!  That's quite a sideline the ex-girlfriend has going on, hit woman for hire.  Apparently Mr. Busch thinks she has pictures on her phone showing the people she has killed.  But yet he had the balls to try and choke her in his motor coach after or before a race.  Humm, not so sure I would go after someone who I believed was a hit person.  Talk about airing dirty laundry in public, this hearing has gone on for at least four days and both sides aired quite a bit about the other side.  There will be a ruling in about 10 days which alines with the media blitz for the coming race season.....another LOL, the timing couldn't be any better.

Nascar wanted the drivers to show their true personalities but I don't think they really had what has happened in the media in 2014 and the start of 2015 in mind.  Through their actions and words some of these top tier drivers are showing more ass than personality, so are they really asses or are these instances just off moments?  2015 is going to be interesting, yes it is!   

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