I followed along on a youtube video from Potomac Bead Company to make this bracelet.  I used a pink luster round duo for the center line and a pastel pink for the outer line.  The seed beads are #11/0 and the closure is a cup button.  You use double needles and go down the center line first putting on the round duos and the seed beads, then you add the outside round duos and then you add the outside seed beads.  It takes a while to do but I really like this bracelet.

DSC 0086


This one fits me just fine but I needed a little larger one for a gift so I made a pink and black one.  The pink luster is the same as the first bracelet and the black round duos are just a shiny black.  The round duos have two holes which make it easy to construct this bracelet.

DSC 0089

Thank you for looking.



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