I purchased the most beautiful square glass beads with two holes and decided that I wanted to create a bracelet using them and some shiny 11/0 seed beads to dress it up.  So the first make was this one.....

DSC 0083

It turned out fine but then I realized I started out with one and ended with two and I had one glass bead left.  I also decided I did not really like the matte finish on the seed beads.  So I cut it apart and redid it.  I do this alot, try stuff and then decide how I could do it different to make it better.  In the second edition I used some delica 8/0 seed beeds between the square beads instead of using the 15/0 seed beads.  I like the end product with the one bead instead of the smaller seed beads between the glass beads.  Thank you for looking. 

DSC 0085


#1 iring 2017-08-10 07:34
Yes! The second bracelet looks much neater. Very pretty! Found your site by accident while testing an old link to Artsy Inkers :)

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