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I found this stencil from The Crafter’s Workshop and really liked it but I did not want to buy it so I decided I would use it as inspiration on some cards.


The first card I made I used all stamps except for the black lines which were done using a credit card and paint. The background is Dina Wakely paint brushed on and dried. The paper is watercolor paper. There are 11 stamps that were used on this card front.


The second card has a couple different circle stencils and the rest were stamps. There were 10 different stamps used on this card front. This card has Dina Wakely paint put on with a small brayer on the background.



The third card is again all stamps except for the silver arrow and the red heart. The background is Distress Paint painted on and sprayed with water. There are 10 stamps used on this card front.


The fourth card is an Easter card. This card also has Distress Paint on the background. There are 10 stamps on this card front too. The black lines on this card are also made with a credit card and black paint.


The fifth card has a distress ink background on top of modeling paste done through three different stencils. There are eight stamps used on this card front. I used stickles over the stamped images and rubbed the stickles over the top of the modeling paste.


The sixth card has distress ink on the background. I used 3 different stencils and 9 different stamps. I attached a pair of sunglasses, a heart, and 3 enamel dots to the front of this card. The lines are again made with a credit card and paint. I think this card is my favorite out of the entire bunch.

This turned out to be very fun. I did these cards over the course of a couple days and enjoyed doing each one.

Thank you for looking.


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