I decided to make some personal things, projects that I have made for the grandchildren this year for Christmas.  This is actually the second Mixed Media Canvas, I haven't uploaded the first one yet.

To start I took a canvas and coated it with white gesso using a credit card (you know one of those nice plastic ones they send you wanting you to actually use it and activate it), I used the credit card because it is easier to get smooth base coat using the credit card instead of a brush.  When I use a brush I get brush marks which them show up in the paint coat.  I would just as soon only get brush strokes from the paint coat and not both the paint coat and the gesso.

This canvas I used neocolor II on and lots of water.  This was of course once the gesso was dry.


You can tell by how shiny this picture turned out that I used quite a bit of water on a large soft brush to blend and move the neocolor II around. 



This is the dry canvas ready for decoration.  I knew the saying that was going on this canvas and I had found the picture I was going to use and printed it out on the laser printer and let it dry so the picture would not run.  For the saying I used Tim Holtz alterations alphabet die and cut and cut and cut to get all the letters in the saying.



I used mat gel medium to glue the letters down and tried to get them as even as I could.  I had to make two arrows and cut ends off and glue them together for the long arrow that holds the word people.  The saying just wouldn't fit without the arrow.  So I cut out a whole bunch more arrows and put those on too.



I wanted washers that had embossing powder on them so I heated up the melting pot, put a craft liner in, threw in some washers and some different color embossing powder just to see what I got.  As I was doing the washers some of the embossing powder went outside the washers so I peeled that up when it was dry and also put that on.  I glued the washers and dried embossing powder down with matt gel medium. 




And here is the final project.  Of course it looks much better in person than the pictures I take.  Someday my pictures will be better, promise!

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