I purchased the Derwent colorsoft pencils some time ago and have been using them a tiny bit for a couple years but haven't really gotten into using them heavily until just lately.  I watched quite a few videos on the youtubes and figured out that with these pencils you do not just color, you lay down color.  I also learned that one does not use cold press watercolor paper with colored pencils.  With the cold press watercolor paper you just cannot lay down the right amount of color for it to look right since most have tooth or a uneven finish.  Before using these Derwents I had a combination of cheap colored pencils that I had purchased about 30 years ago.  They worked fine, they colored, they just worked.  These work much better, they go on smoother and lay down more color with less work.

The Derwent colorsoft also blends really well without using any kind of medium.  You blend by coloring over the previous color and pulling the colors together.  The Derwent colorsoft are soft, isn't it nice they named them for their properties.  As in so soft that if you press too hard on a newly sharpened pencil lead it will break off.  That means if you are not careful when your pencils are newly sharpened you will be sharpening them once more.  But that same softness is what makes it so easy to lay down such nice rich colors. 

I happen to have the 72 count which is all the choice of colors one has with the Derwent colorsoft pencils.  They come in 24, 48, and 72 count boxes.  They come in those tins that are terrible to use and usually end up on the floor in a tumble.  I suggest one should get a pencil case or wallet to hold these beauties.  I acquired a very wonderful Derwent canvas carry all which is a fancy pencil case.  You can buy extra leaves to keep more pencils in this case.  This case is like a binder with binder rings in the center.  The leaves have holes with rivits so they should hold up well.  The stretchy pencil holders hold two pencils each and they are larger then regular pencil wallets so the Derwents do not go in and out hard.  I have all my colorsofts, my watercolors, my inktenses, and my metalics in this one case which zippers closed and keeps them safe and easy to use.

This image was colored on watercolor paper, and as you can clearly see the colors are not as solid as they should be. 

This is stamped on bristol and colored with the colorsoft pencils.  It was much easier to lay down color and blend on the bristol then the watercolor paper.

This is stamped on medium card stock.  It is also colored with Derwent colorsoft pencils.  I have also been coloring in some adult coloring books using these colored pencils.  They work very well on the paper in those coloring books.

Thank you for following along and I hope this can be helpful to someone.


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