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Blue Square Bracelet

I purchased the most beautiful square glass beads with two holes and decided that I wanted to create a bracelet using them and some shiny 11/0 seed beads to dress it up.  So the first make was this one.....

DSC 0083

It turned out fine but then I realized I started out with one and ended with two and I had one glass bead left.  I also decided I did not really like the matte finish on the seed beads.  So I cut it apart and redid it.  I do this alot, try stuff and then decide how I could do it different to make it better.  In the second edition I used some delica 8/0 seed beeds between the square beads instead of using the 15/0 seed beads.  I like the end product with the one bead instead of the smaller seed beads between the glass beads.  Thank you for looking. 

DSC 0085

CrisCross Bracelet

These two bracelets are made using the same pattern or directions.  These are also off of the youtubes.  Beadfulnights is the creator of the pattern used in these two bracelets.  These are made using #6/0 seed beads.  One is super shiny and the other is moderately shiny.  Thank you for looking.

DSC 0087


DSC 0091

Love Knot Bracelet

This is another bracelet from Potomac Beads using specialty beads.  The bracelet has arcos beads, round duos, bicones, silver 15/0 seed beads, and black 15/0 seed beads.  This one took a lot of starts and stops to get finished.  I wear this one alot.  I am not sure if I am up to making another one quite yet though. 

DSC 0088

I do not think that the pictures does this bracelet well because it looks much nicer in person.  Thank you for looking.

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